Yahoo! Sports’ Watch Together fumble

Yahoo! Sports' 'Watch Together'

Photo Credit: Yahoo! Sports


By Ned Lerner

Our company, Hearo.Live, pitched Yahoo Sports last year, before professional leagues and broadcast media started worrying about (virtual) live audiences.

Unfortunately for fans, the NFL and Yahoo! chose to “Watch Together” without our expertise, and created a watch party that requires watching a 3-hour football game on a 2-inch high display. That’s what I call a fumble. Here’s what two years of running 100,000 live watch parties has taught us: 

  1. Users want one app to watch all their favorites stuff (sports, tv shows, movies, even YouTube or Twitch) with all their favorite people

  2. It’s gotta be full screen and HD

  3. Talking has to just work - no distortion, no headsets

  4. Let them choose their favorite device to talk and watch. Their PC or phone. A SmartTV would be nice, but watching and talking isn’t available (yet). 

The good news is that you can watch the NFL* (and Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ and more) together, talking with your friends like you’re side-by-side on your couch, on Hearo today, full screen, using your phone or PC. 

* For TV sports, you just need a Cable TV account like Comcast, AT&T TV, or YouTube TV.

What comes after super watch parties? We’re turning our fun ‘virtual couch’ experience into a magical ‘virtual stadium’ experience. 

  • Hang out your friends or fans in luxury box sized groups

  • Watch, talk, cheer and yell without bothering the other groups/boxes 

  • Hear the whole stadium roar when the action gets hot**

  • Unlike Zoom, the audience isn’t just muted. 

  • Unlike live streaming, no junk distracting you from the action

** We mix the voices of thousands of fans together, so a Hearo stadium feels like a physical stadium, not a Zoom call, or a canned audience watching some other game. 

Hearo is an easy (and free) way to watch ESPN, Fox Sports, NBC Sports, TNT, ABC, and more, while talking with your friends, so enjoy your favorite sports with your favorite people today, and stay tuned for our virtual stadiums.

About the author:

Ned Lerner is Founder & CEO of Hearo.Live