Hearo.Live Offers First Full Screen Watch Parties for TV Sports, Netflix, and more

San Francisco, CA: Hearo.Live, the first live audience participation platform, announced its 1.0 beta release of watch parties for 18 top streaming services and television channels. Available on iOS and Android, Hearo lets anyone with a valid subscription host free watch parties with Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime Video. American viewers can also watch live broadcasts of ESPN, NBC Sports, Fox Sports, and TNT with friends. Users get the highest quality viewing experience while they talk like they’re sitting side-by-side. 

The release makes Hearo the first full-screen talk and watch party app. Fans get front-row seats to enjoy games from the NBA, MLB, and NFL, or a virtual couch to watch Disney+’s movies, Netflix’s Cobra Kai, or Prime Video’s The Boys together. 

A truly social alternative to solo watching, Hearo is the best platform for consumers to watch, talk, and cheer together in our increasingly virtual era.

“In all media, from games to video, illegal sharing grows when the legal options aren't better,” says Edward Lerner, CEO at Hearo. “We're the first better way to watch TV/video/live streams together, whether it’s 2 friends or 200,000 fans. 

For full details on Hearo’s latest release, including a complete listing of supported channels and streaming services, click here Press Kit.

About Hearo.Live: 

Hearo is the first live audience participation platform, reinventing TV & streaming on 6 billion phones and PCs. Watch, talk, cheer and engage like you are together in-venue. From epic live events to intimate hangouts, Hearo is a virtual couch, classroom, theater, or stadium all rolled into one beautiful live audience participation platform.