We don’t have to be alone to fight this together, with Hearo.Live​

Hello friends,

With COVID-19 happening, we as a global community are rising together to meet the challenges of each day.  We are in a difficult time, and we will overcome it.  We are humans, after all, and together we are the species that created sliced bread, fidget spinners, and Grumpy cat!

Wherever you live or currently are, social distancing has likely become your new normal.  Social distancing is critical. With all of us practicing social distancing, we are, in fact, doing something together, for one another. And yet we are alone. In maybe one of our most selfless times, we are more disconnected than ever.

Hearo helps solve that disconnection.

Hearo.Live allows you to connect with your friends and our online community to do the thing we always want to do together, maybe now more than ever – be with one another and hang out.  With Hearo, you can load up your favorite YouTube playlist, chill with your favorite Twitch streamer, let your palms get sweaty watching your favorite esports team dominate, or get into the spirit with some live sports, hundreds of TV channels, and on-demand movies.  Hearo allows you to enjoy the things you love with the people who matter most. Hearo is your virtual living room, virtual stadium, and virtual watch party for everything!

We know that times are uncertain right now – it is scary for all of us.  That is why we are releasing Hearo early, so we can bring our tool to you and help bring you the most important things of all – friendship, camaraderie, and social interaction. We don’t have to be alone while we fight this together.  And while we may not be as ready as we would like while we make our first introduction to you, our reason for existence – you – need us, and we will never silence that call.

We ask and encourage you to download the Hearo. Live app today and check it out!

We at Hearo encourage you to be safe and practice distancing, but we also encourage you to enjoy yourself, be positive, and stay connected with those who are important to you! We are doing all we can to be the voice in the crowd that gives our fellow humans permission to enjoy this time while we are actively choosing and creating the solution we so desperately need. Hear us.

If you would like to tap into a source of positivity, join our community Discord, follow us on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook!  Our team is hard at work, keeping things positive and changing what the future of together looks like.


You are amazing.  Stay strong, and we will see you on Hearo

Much love,

The Hearo Team